COVID-19 Action Plan

We hope you are safe and healthy and we understand the new norm is not the norm we once knew. This is why SkyRun Vail is taking action to ensure satisfaction and address questions while keeping our employees safe. At SkyRun Vail, we are committed to the safety and security of our guests, homeowners, and employees. In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have updated our standard policies to accommodate guests and meet safety guidelines recommended by authorities. We will be here with a safe home whenever you're ready.

SkyRun Taskforce

SkyRun Headquarters put in place a taskforce to vigorously monitor the current state of the virus and provide practical quality standards so our guests and homeowners can continue to find peace of mind. SkyRun Headquarters has also taken the responsible precautions to keep our internal staff safe and healthy during this time.

SkyRun Cleaning Standards
We understand the importance of cleaning and disinfection standards at this time. As a result, SkyRun Vail has actively developed rigorous standards in compliance with CDC standards to keep our guests healthy and our homes clean. Please click here to learn more about the CDC cleaning and disinfecting guidelines.

SkyRun Reservation Policy
SkyRun Vail is committed to working with each guest as we navigate the changing conditions related to COVID-19. Please contact your SkyRun Vail host to discuss your reservation.

SkyRun Guest Support
If you did not find an answer to your question in the above sections, please contact your SkyRun Vail host at 877-SKYRUN-1.

SkyRun Homeowner Support

We are informing our homeowners of any updates. If you have additional homeowner questions, please contact your SkyRun Vail management team at 877-SKYRUN-1.

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